ติดตั้ง antyspam ให้ Direct Admin

Set up Spam Assassin in DirectAdmin

This article will show you how to setup spam assassin in DirectAdmin.

  1. Login to your DirectAdmin panel at as a reseller user account.

  2. Under E-Mail Management click on Spamassassin Setup

  3. To setup SpamAssassin, start at the top pane, you enable and disabled from there

  4. Next, you can select where you wish the spam goes

  5. Next, you can choose to score the threshold

  6. Next, you can choose to delete high scoring spam

  7. Next, you can spam to be labeled

  8. Next, set how spam should be delivered

  9. Next, configure your email blacklist

  10. Next, configure your email whitelist

  11. Click Save to save your settings


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