Zimbra Mobile Installation and Setup for Android (Exchange Active Sync) (เมนูภาษาอังกฤษ)

1. On your Android Home screen, tap Settings icon.

Settings icon

2. Under the section tap on Accounts


3. Select Add account from the options.

Add account

4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync from the options.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

5. Configure exchange account and Tab Manual Setup

Configure exchange account

• Email address : This is your email address, ( for example user@yourdomain.com).

• Password : This is your Zimbra email password, ( the same one used for the Zimbra Web Client ).


Tab Manual Setup

6. Exchange Server Settings.

Exchange Server Settings

Enter server settings :

• Email Address : user@yourdomain.com (This is your company's email account)
• Domain\User: \yourdomain.com\user@yourdomain.com
Password : This is your the password that you use for login in the Zimbra Web Client.
• Exchange Server : mail.yourdomain.com (This is your MobileSync Server)
• Use SSL : Choose "use secue connection (SSL)" or "SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)"
• Client Certificate : None

Tap Next

7. Security Warning, Tab Continue

Security Warning

Tap Continue

8. Remote Security Administration, Tab OK

Remote Security Administration

Tap OK

9. Andriod Setup Complete

Zimbra on Andriod Setup Complete

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